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About Us
Pro-Audio Repair Services
Musical Instrument Repair / Electronics

All Tube and Solid State Amplification
All Guitar Services / Keyboards / Drums /
Analog-Digital / MIDI / EFX / 
Warranty Service-Consultation
Riverside Business Park
Riverside, California, 92507
Hours M-F 10:30-6:30 Sat 11-3pm
Ph : 951-686-7740
Cell: 951-236-8023
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Tell a friend about this page

The Amp Doctor is a full service Pro-Audio Repair Shop 
We Repair all Tube and Solid State - Guitar and Bass Head/Combo Amplification. 
We also provide full Guitar and Bass Set-Up,Fret work and finishing services.
We also repair Keyboards of all types, Synthesizers and MIDI Equipment. 
Acoustic and Electronic Drums,Mixing Boards, Rack Gear, EFX, Speakers, and all DJ Equipment as well.
Church and Institutional Services are also availiable.

First established in 1995 in San Bernardino, California
The origins of the Amp Doctor began as the repair department of a well known music store chain in Southern California called Liers Music. Before that stores closing,  employees from that department decided to start their own repair shop in Riverside Ca,. which included an industrial suite location that still exists today. In 1998 new ownership had taken over, and has had the wonderful  opportunity to provide over 10,000 customer repairs and sales since.
The Amp Doctor is always avaliable for any musicians ,and we strive to provide the best service possible.
We provide On-Site/Consultation/Repair and Equipment Set-Up services as well as all shipping services. 

Coming Soon ! :The Amp Doctor will be able to provide It's Customers more Repair space and Service and Shopping areas in a new location in Riverside.

This page was last updated: December 28, 2012